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At office building protection in the shawl was lost the pskov 28-year-old militiaman.

( ) 1974 2010


The head of administration of the pskov area evgenie mihajlov is with working visit in dnovsky area.

Today the head of administration of area evgenie mihajlov is with working visit in dnovsky area. in respect of a trip objects of the industry, building and municipal sphere.
Governor 8 ( ), - 45 10030 70 .

During a trip the governor also will familiarise with district clinic work in the repaired building, with application of modern finishing materials. on an example of city hotel, will discuss the rebuilding plan of the former building of public amenities centre in the city centre the bottom. the project and the sketch of reconstruction of this building is already ready. the regional authorities plan to create here the trade centre the industrial and grocery goods, to arrange cafe, on the second floor to place some hotel rooms.


The fire group from estonia in number of 30 persons is ready to come to the rescue in 12 hour term of the colleagues from the pskov area for suppression of wood and peat fires.

Addressed to the head of administration of area evgenie mihajlova the letter from the deputy minister of foreign affairs of russia sergey razova in whom it is informed has arrived that the government of estonia is ready to assist frontier territories in suppression of wood and peat fires. the operative group of firemen from 30 the person who for 12 hours after reception of the official answer is ready to leave for performance of works for the term up to five days is for this purpose created. the assistant to the head of administration of area, the chief of central administrative board go and areas victor komissarov has noticed that the decision of estonian government is a good omen in relation to the neighbours. the similar offer to come to the aid has arrived for the first time after between our states the border has lain. it once again confirms, as the policy of administration of the region, and governor evgenie mihajlova is directed on strengthening of good-neighbourhood and development of two-way communications. we are grateful to estonian colleagues for support.



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