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About section
   in this section it is possible to download that i have made itself. these are 2 logic games, a patch for icq lite and russification cuteftp pro 3.3.
   having glanced in section Garik's Soft, you will find there a large quantity of programs, they are sorted by sections and alphabetically.
Stas - stas.h10

My creations
  russification cuteftp pro 3.3 assemblage from 22.12.03
   in my opinion, this best program among ftp-clients. for this reason i have made for it such high-quality translation. i have translated all (the only thing that i have left, is some words the html-editor - for them simply not to pick up russian equivalent of the same size, and the size cannot be changed as these words are not in resources and are taken only by means of the hex-editor).

   one more very important feature of this program is that it is paid, and to find crack for it very difficult and if you find problems on it do not come to an end. i know it, as itself have suffered. for this reason i have made so, a russifier this program.
   so, as a result of updating of the program you receive the registered russian version (yes-yes, the russian version as russification is executed on 100 %!) cuteftp pro. so there is nothing to do more - swing!
   p.s.: if will find any defects in transfer or registration (words somewhere get) Write .


Full screenshot
Of 136 kb To download>>

   this game besides it is written on pascal'e.
   about this game, i think, it is not necessary to speak much. here it is necessary to put nearby (on a diagonal, a vertical or a horizontal) 5 daggers or five zeroes. dark blue colour allocates last course. over a game field, on the centre, the joint account is specified. about a name specifies in what now a course. though in the present state of affairs daggers also go, but it is not difficult to guess that zeroes all the same will win.:)
   there are modes on two players and on game with the computer. in game with the computer it is possible to choose easier or more difficult.

65,9 kb To download>>

   this logic game is written by me on pascal'e. the problem consists in guessing four-unit number which was thought by the computer, by means of helps.
   on a screenshot it is possible to observe a game example. the computer has thought of number 4196. i, doing the first attempt, has written number 1234 long not to think. then the answer that there are 2 cows has been given me. those are numbers 1 and 4. it means that this figure is in number, but costs on other place. in 3rd attempt by a bull (in the figure standing on a proper place) is 6.
   there were also previous versions of game. the most important difference of this consists it became much more convenient what to enter number. earlier to change 1st figure if three are written, it was necessary backspace to delete with the help 2nd and 3rd. and now it is possible to enter at first 4th, then 2nd (for example), moving on number by means of arrows.
   though this game also seems at first sight very unpretentious, she nevertheless forces to stir crinkles.

63,5 kb To download>>

  the patch for icq lite
   this patch changes a file literes.dll then instead of standard sounds will bethe size and the version of an original file have no value, that is this patch is applicable to Any version ICQ Lite
Of 339 kb To download>>

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