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From 01.04.2010.


Governor evgenie mihajlov about fall of tariffs for the electric power for the population.

Since april, 1st in the pskov area the power tariff is lowered. on friday, on march, 28th, at board meeting of the regional power commission new tariffs for the population have been confirmed. now for townspeople the watt will cost 98 (instead of earlier accepted 1.17 )., for inhabitants of countryside - 78 (instead of 94 ). that has been made for fall of cost of the electric power for the population in area, governor evgenie mihajlov tells:

It is valid, it very much an unusual occurrence in modern russia, as tariff decrease. considering our difficult conditions with the power tariff, the federal power commission constantly gave us a privilege which used from year to year. and last year there was a decision all privileges on all country to cancel. we have told at once that the decision unreal, it will lead to serious consequences and at once have applied it to reconsider and in presidential administration and to the chairman of the government, and in all those instances which are capable to influence. considering that the uneasy situation has developed in all country, prime minister m.m.kasyanov has given commission to understand with tariffs and to look at legitimacy of their increase in different regions. approximately half of regions have passed through the federal commission which has checked up validity of calculations including our area, and it was found out that at us a condition it is unique the difficult. ourselves in many respects solve the problems but that it is definitive with them to consult - without moscow not to manage. i have taken part in session where the report in which intention to give to us a privilege was sounded has been signed. as a result of all spent work, our area has appeared among 4 regions of russia to which again have given a privilege at electric power cost price onunfortunately, not in that volume in which we wanted, but only for the population, but it is very big victory that for inhabitants the tariff is lowered.

But we will struggle further for reception of privileges for other consumers - the industries, agriculture, budgetary consumers. but after all only a problem part, after all actually us all system of power tariffs in the country does not arrange it. at the initiative of administration of the region, the regional meeting has approved the bill which is sent in the state duma that deputies have considered our offer. it consists in that in russia zone tariffs have been established, there was no such injustice which exists today. we suggest to divide territory of the russian federation into three zones: the european part, ural mountains and siberia, the far east and to establish for each zone uniform holiday tariffs from the federal wholesale market. an establishment of the tariff for groups of consumers should supervise areas taking into account local features. thus, injustice will be eliminated.

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